Tailor-made piano lessons
Young, old, beginners and advanced; anyone can contact me. You will discover the music within you at your own pace.

You want to go and study at a conservatoire? Let me help you with the theory courses and the preparation for the admission.

As an experienced tutor I know my way around other keyboard instruments as well. Feel free to inquire about the possibilities.
For the young and the old
It is scientifically proven that every person is musically talented, neurological problems aside.

So everyone can make music! You can start at the age of seven, or seventy-seven, or anything in between.
A certain commitment is essential, because something you don't have to do anything for is of little value. In my opinion, learning is a balance between commitment and the sacrifices you make, and the growth and satisfaction it brings.
Free trial lesson
What is your idea of making music? What about your basic skills and motivation? To get to know each other we start with a free trial lesson. No obligations.

If you're curious for more, we draw the agendas and agree on a first series of ten lessons. Each time the series is extended by ten lessons. So there is no long term obligation.
Develop your own style
After the first introduction to the instrument, we work on the development of a thorough basic technique and your own musical taste and style. Whether that is classical music, or jazz, rock, R&B, or latin...

Learning to make music is not possible without working on your playing technique; therefore it's a recurring point of attention. Just like encouraging a healthy cultural curiosity. Essential for your musical education.
Playful total approach
Listening to what you do and what you know. Responding to what we see and hear. As a result, a lesson can go differently than we had planned... Anyway, we will immediately put as much music into it as possible.

It is my job to convey the pleasure of making music, to stimulate you and to enrich you. This certainly includes broadening and deepening the listening and feeling experience. Placing the music in a broader cultural context can also give the lessons an interesting depth.
Student day
Every year I organize student concerts with great pleasure. Pupils are invited to play a self-chosen piece. Performing in front of an audience, on an instrument other than your own, is certainly an experience.

Fun is priority number one. So no resplendent performances and high expectations. Though, perfection may be pursued.

Prior to the summer break there is a report to provide insight into the student's level of play.
Niek Duiven
Playing music and listening to music is my life; I can't imagine a world without the sound of the piano.

Driven by a great interest in culture and (art) history,
I studied music sciences in Amsterdam.
Later, I definitely opted for spreading my passion for music... In 1994 I did the State Exam Didactic Musician. For over twenty years I have been a piano teacher with great pleasure and enthusiasm.